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Social Media Marketing – Engage With Patients
Social Media Marketing for Healthcare Sydney NSW

The advantages of social media marketing for the healthcare industry

Social media marketing is the art of advertising your business on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It’s all about connecting with your patients online and using those platforms to share practice information, important health messages, and engaging content. When people like what you’ve created,

It doesn’t end there, either. If you’re a medical professional, your referral chains are reliant on you. LinkedIn and YouTube doctor-focused instructional material can assist you in becoming the perfect candidate for local referrers.

Social media is a wonderful method for businesses to educate and interact with their consumers. It’s all about putting the human element into your company and providing personalized experiences through content, comments, and feedback. Using social media sites as a tool to attract prospective clients to their business is an excellent approach.

The success of your social media campaigns is determined by three variables:

Your message

How can you talk to your customers and get their attention? Your content will have a greater chance of being read and shared if it answers the questions they are asking. This is what keeps people coming back for more.

Strategy & Execution

The difference between a passable and an outstanding social media presence is an organic and paid social media plan.

Knowing your audience

You must adapt to your audience’s actions in order to flourish on social media.

It’s time, to be honest: all of this social media marketing stuff works!

Social media marketing on behalf of your medical practice can provide a high return on investment, allow you to engage with a larger number of patients, and ultimately attract more people to your business.

When used in conjunction with your other marketing efforts, social media marketing provides the following benefits:

  • Increased web traffic (also known as inbound marketing)
  • Positive perceptions of your brand
  • Increased loyalty and trust among your audience
  • Improved local or national brand awareness and reach Greater insights into the interests and behaviours of your audience
  • Cost-effective, highly targeted advertising

Your medical social media marketing agency

You’ll need a social media marketing agency that knows how to use social media platforms to your advantage. However, you’ll need more than that. You must have an agency that protects you online by verifying your postings meet AHPRA’s social media marketing standards.

There are several advantages to social media marketing, but there are also threats. We understand the boundaries you’re allowed to cross. You can rely on GMI Marketing’s thorough knowledge of AHPRA’s rules to keep you compliant in your social media marketing efforts.

Social media can be leveraged for multiple purposes to achieve a number of business objectives.


To meet your patients and offer instructive, useful, and entertaining material that encourages them to seek more.


People enjoy sharing videos and would rather get to know you online before meeting you in person.

Lead Generation

Lead generation on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn is a fantastic method. It’s all about putting the appropriate message, value, and distribution to the proper people.

Increasing Traffic

Your social media presence is intended to drive people to your website, where they’ll find more information. The more people who visit, the more phone calls you receive.

Brand Awareness

Social media is a fantastic way to raise brand recognition, whether it’s a boosted post on your Facebook business page, a post on your LinkedIn profile, or anything else.

Retention of Clients

It’s essential to provide value to your clients through content and newsworthy information so that they remain interested in you and your brand.

The steps involved in developing a successful social media presence


Mining patient discussion boards for commonly asked questions.


Create relevant material that is shared on the proper social media platforms.


Increasing conversions by converting patient inquiries into new bookings.


To foster devoted followers, you must first establish a strong brand identity.


We revisit the same procedure every 90 days to stay current.

Getting started with Social Media

When you hire us to manage your social media marketing, the first step is for us to define your objectives. We may then choose the appropriate channel(s) based on the different target audiences or content types that each social media network caters to. Then we make a content calendar with a series of postings designed to engage your target demographic. You develop a following that returns traffic to your website, improves your Google rankings, and attracts more patients to book appointments when you post high-quality, interesting material on your social media platforms on a regular basis.